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Consider Christianity Volume I-

Evidence for the Bible


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Author: Hushbeck, Jr., Elgin L
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Study and discussion questions designed for small groups and Sunday School classes. This study guide will help you learn to understand your faith for yourself, and how to defend it. Designed to go with Consider Christianity, Volume 1, Evidence for the Bible, ISBN: 1-893729-29-X.

Hushbeck, Jr., Elgin L

Elgin L. Hushbeck Jr.: author, engineer, small business owner, educator, lecturer, and family man. He wears many hats but there is a common thread throughout. Mr. Hushbeck is an Evangelical Christian of 25+ years.

Mr. Hushbeck’s background includes academic studies in religion, history, and engineering, culminating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and Master’s degrees in both Christian Apologetics and an MBA/Technology Management.

Mr. Hushbeck has taught at Simon Greenleaf University, and more recently at the University of Phoenix, where for the last several years has taught, among other things, classes in critical thinking both to students, and to other faculty. He has lectured on both current affairs and apologetics in several states, and took part in a public debate sponsored by Simon Greenleaf University entitled 'Did Jesus Claim to be God?' (Mr. Hushbeck, of course, represented the Pro-side).