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Christianity and the Culture Wars


January 18, 2006, Redlands, CA— In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species and gave the world a scientific-sounding way to reject the Judaeo-Christian belief that God created mankind and other living creatures. The Bible began to be seen by many as simply religious theories that people had written down to fit the needs of the moment. The secularization of society was underway.

             Christian apologist Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. provides a much needed defense of Christianity in his Consider Christianity book series. He says, “Modern culture pounds into people how the Bible is myth, and religion is only accepted by the ignorant and gullible.”  Even though this view is itself based on myth and errors, it is so pervasive that it has even affected many Christians. Polls show that only 50% of evangelical have a biblical world view and Biblical Illiteracy has reached crisis proportion. Consider Christianity goes to the root of the problem and points out the myths, errors and false assumptions that are used to undermine the Bible and Christianity. More importantly, he attempts to break down the barriers to faith people use to ignore the cross and what Christ’s death means for them.

 Hushbeck is also the founder of Consider Christianity Week, (April 2-8, 2006) with the goals of equipping Christians with the knowledge and ability to answer critics of the faith, and to promote interest among non-Christians in Christianity as a viable religion in the twenty-first century. In short to help Christians counter the prevailing view of secularism so they can witness more effectively.

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