Support Consider Christianity

You can support the work of Consider Christianity week towards it mission and vision in the following ways:

Pray for the Ministry

We ask that you pray for the work of Consider Christianity and that it will continue to strengthen the faith of believers as it reaches out to those who are lost, and defends the faith from those who would attack it.

Pray for those we are witnessing to

At any given time we are engaged in many discussions with believers and non-believers through out the world. While we provide solid biblical and rational reasons to believe, we never lose sight of the fact that the fundamental problem is always spiritual. We cannot debate someone into the kingdom of God, but can only be a tool of the Holy Spirit. As such we ask that you pray for those to whom we are witnessing and for those who are silently following the discussion.

Financial support

To carry on this ministry takes a great deal of time an effort and we are completely self-financed. The internet is a very large place and there is a tremendous need. Each day people log on to spiritual discussions seeking answers and critics log on to attack the faith. There simply are not enough trained internet missionaries to meet this need.

All contributions go to supporting this important work and will enable us to answer the questions of the those who are seeking and refute the attacks of the critics seeking to undermine Christianity or the Word of God.

To see how you can assist, contact us at: