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The Epistles of John: Living in Truth and Love. 2 John 12,13

Week Eleven: Nov 20, 2011

This week we finished 2 John, and then started 1 John. I will start 1 John in a separate post.



b. Final words (12)

12 – Although I have a great deal to write to you,1 I would prefer not to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete.

– This is a serious matter and there is a lot to do, but John does not want to write. The ending her is very similar to the closing of 3 John

c. Greeting (13)

13 – The children of your2 chosen sister greet you.3

– John closes the letter closes in the standard way. The reference to “Children” most likely refers to the members of John’s Church.

In the next post I will start 1 John

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Scripture taken from the Holy Bible: International Standard Version®. Copyright © 1996-2008 by The ISV Foundation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INTERNATIONALLY. Used by permission.

Note: Some places I have modify the text from the ISV version. Passages that I have modified have been noted with and * by the verse number and the ISV text is included in a footnote.


1 v12 Lit. you (plural)
2 v13 Lit. you (singular)
3 v13 Other mss. read you. Amen

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