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    A Review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion – Summary

    Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 by Elgin Hushbeck

    The following is an outline of my review of Richard Dawkins’, “The God Delusion

    Part I – Chapter One
    Three major problems with Dawkins’ approach

    Part II – Chapter One
    Discussion of the “educated elite,” and how it is a negative term. How the errors of the educated elite are similar to the errors of atheism.

    Part III – Chapter One
    How Dawkins statements show that hope and faith disguised as science are a major factor.

    Part IV – Chapter One
    Dawkins’ claim that there is a belief that religion should not be attacked.

    Part V – Chapter Two
    Dawkins’ view of God, and his idea that theology “has not moved on in 18 centuries.”

    Part VI – Chapter Two
    Dawkins discussion of the Founding Father.

    Part VII– Chapter Three
    Aquinas arguments for the existence of God.

    Part VIII – Chapter Three
    Dawkins main rebuttal to Aquinas, the problem of the definition of Natural and Supernatural.

    Part IX – Chapter Three
    More problems with Dawkins attempt to rebut Aquinas – the wrong type of sequence.

    Part X – Chapter Four
    Point 1- 3 of Dawkins central argument of the book.

    Part XI – Chapter Four
    Point 4- 6 of Dawkins central argument of the book.

    Part XII – Chapter Five
    The origin of Religion – the freedom of speculation, in absence of evidence.

    Part XIII – Chapter Six
    The origin of Morality – the role of chance and meaning.

    Part XIV – Chapter Six
    The origin of Morality – the evolution as a tautology – evolution as a source for morality.

    Part XV – Chapter Seven
    Morality in the Bible – Dawkins errors of interpretation.

    Part XVI – Chapter Seven
    The Moral Zeitgeist as a moral foundation

    Part XVII – Chapter Seven
    The role of absolutism and Summation