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A Review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion – Summary

The following is an outline of my review of Richard Dawkins’, “The God Delusion

Part I – Chapter One
Three major problems with Dawkins’ approach

Part II – Chapter One
Discussion of the “educated elite,” and how it is a negative term. How the errors of the educated elite are similar to the errors of atheism.

Part III – Chapter One
How Dawkins statements show that hope and faith disguised as science are a major factor.

Part IV – Chapter One
Dawkins’ claim that there is a belief that religion should not be attacked.

Part V – Chapter Two
Dawkins’ view of God, and his idea that theology “has not moved on in 18 centuries.”

Part VI – Chapter Two
Dawkins discussion of the Founding Father.

Part VII– Chapter Three
Aquinas arguments for the existence of God.

Part VIII – Chapter Three
Dawkins main rebuttal to Aquinas, the problem of the definition of Natural and Supernatural.

Part IX – Chapter Three
More problems with Dawkins attempt to rebut Aquinas – the wrong type of sequence.

Part X – Chapter Four
Point 1- 3 of Dawkins central argument of the book.

Part XI – Chapter Four
Point 4- 6 of Dawkins central argument of the book.

Part XII – Chapter Five
The origin of Religion – the freedom of speculation, in absence of evidence.

Part XIII – Chapter Six
The origin of Morality – the role of chance and meaning.

Part XIV – Chapter Six
The origin of Morality – the evolution as a tautology – evolution as a source for morality.

Part XV – Chapter Seven
Morality in the Bible – Dawkins errors of interpretation.

Part XVI – Chapter Seven
The Moral Zeitgeist as a moral foundation

Part XVII – Chapter Seven
The role of absolutism and Summation

9 Responses to “A Review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion – Summary”

  1. BlueHour Says:

    Thank you for writing all this up. I know that faith is based on spirituality and the heart, but it’s so frustrating sometimes to be accused of having “vacuous” and “ill thought out” beliefs, especially when Christians often spend a great deal of time and agony reasoning out our beliefs and worldview. It’s nice to have rebuttal material.

    By the way, I read the discussion between you and Chris on his blog and I read your conversion story. I thought that it’s a wonderful story and was wondering if you would post a longer, more detailed version on your blog

  2. Elgin Hushbeck Says:

    Thanks, I will post a longer version. It will probably be after Consider Christianity Week (i.e. March 15th).

  3. A Review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion - Summary Says:

    […] Original post by Elgin Hushbeck […]

  4. Bob Blasewitz Says:

    Great work. I am doing my PhD thesis on a Christian response to Atheists and your work is very valuable to me. I am also including “evolutiion” the religion of Atheists as a component to be reviewed. It appears that men like Dawkins can leverage their credentials in their chosen vocation to nearly anything that they want to have dialogue about, reserached or not ! Dawkins, while a brilliant biologist, it just spewing hate and discontent . Your reviews have been excellent, may God bless you for your responses.
    Have you reviewed chapters 8,9 and 10 as yet ?

  5. Elgin Hushbeck Says:


    No. As I wrote at the beginning of XVII “The latter part of the Richard Dawkins’, “The God Delusion” becomes increasingly speculative as he applies his view of atheism and religion to topics such as homosexuality, abortion, and children and these issues would be better treated in more general discussion of the individual topics than a specific review of Dawkins’ slant on them.”

  6. Ghoulslime Says:

    What a pathetic attempt to pretend like you actually have a counter argument to Dawkin’s God Delusion! Your dogma is founded on wishful thinking and delusion. Your belief and faith are irrelevant to any critical consideration of your imaginary friend. Cling to your blankie if it makes you feel better, the rest of us are beginning to grow up.

  7. Elgin Hushbeck Says:


    It always amazes me how those supporting atheist arguments do so with such irrationality. I write a 17 part point by point refutation and the best you can do to respond is sling a few ad hominem attacks? If you actually have any specific problems the numerous errors and irrationalities it pointed out in Dawkins book, then why don’t post them. You are hardly going to convince anyone that your position is the rational one when you defend it which such irrationality.


  8. Ghoulslime Says:

    My intention was not to convince anyone of anything, blood drinker. My intention was to level derision at a stupid, irrational, and delusional person. You think you have an imaginary friend in the sky who hears you mumble magic words into the side of your bed at night. And you have no evidence to support this position.

    ***Pausing to giggle***

    Saying that I am irrational does not change the fact that YOU are the ideologue who is making the dogmatic defense of an unproven postulation. Which one of us worships a two-thousand-year-old zombie, and eats his flesh and drinks his blood on a regular basis? What a laughable clown you are! Why would I need 17 points to point that out?

  9. Ghoulslime Says:

    Elgin, feel free to debate me in depth at http://www.ravingatheists.com Let’s see how smart your argument sounds when subjected to scrutiny. Silly little Jesus eater!